Q: How do I get my copy of Women In Tech signed by you?

A: Send your copies (up to as many as will fit in a USPS Priority Mail flat rate envelope) to the address I’ll give you when you email me to ask for it. Include in your package an envelope already labeled for a return and a note with the correct spelling of your name so I can sign it. In general, if you don’t do this, I won’t know why someone sent me a copy of the book (at least twice a week I get random copies of the book and don’t know why) and you won’t get it back.

Q: Will you come speak at my event?

A: Please contact Charles Yao, Director at The Lavin Agency. You can see my speaker page here: http://www.thelavinagency.com/speakers/tarah-wheeler

Q: I want to be mentored by you. How do I make that happen?

A: Do something cool for other people first. Then, maybe ask for me to help you to help others. The people who stick as my mentees are the people who are constantly using their information and knowledge to help others. That makes me want to help them more. My greatest mentors have appeared *after* I spent my energy and time helping people, and they wanted to support me in those goals. Read the chapter called “Mentorship” in Women In Tech if you want to understand more. An example of a great way to start a mentoring relationship with me is to begin an email this way: “Hi, Tarah! I am putting a workshop together for women of color in Nashville to learn about how they can enter a cybersecurity career. If I asked you to record a 2 min video just for them with your best advice, would you do it?” The answer will be HELL YES, and that’s now made me interested in you as a person. Keep it up.