Introduction to computer programming using Python. Covers first steps in how to program, scripts, web applications, and implementing a Python

Instructor: Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack

Instructor Contact Info:, on Slack

Class meeting: MW 7:15PM-9:20PM, BE 3179

Textbook: Automate The Boring Stuff With Python

Week 1: Hello, world!

1/4/16 – Onboard to Slack, Github, welcome, teams
1/6/16- Hello, world!

Reading: ATBSWP 1-28

Week 2: The basics

1/11/16 –  Booleans (p.28 1-8 checked into Github, checked by group. Hello world in your private repos)
1/13/16 – Flow control with if/else

Reading: ATBSWP 31-60

Week 3: Why stuff works the way it does (flow control)

1/20/16 – Values and variables; your first program. (p.60 all ?s checked into Github, checked by group)

Reading: ATBSWP 61-78

Week 4: Making computers do a thing (functions)

1/25/16 – functions, local and global scope (p.77 1-14 checked into Github, checked by group)
1/27/16 – principles of exception handling. Start group projects on web applications.

Reading: ATBSWP 79-104

Week 5: Telling a computer when to do what (lists)

2/1/16 – Data types (p.102 1-17 checked into Github, checked by group)
2/3/16 – Finding values

Reading: ATBSWP 105-122

Week 6: Kinds of data and how to store it (dicts and structs)

2/8/16 – Dictionaries (p.119 1-8 checked into Github, checked by group)
2/10/16 – data structures

Reading: ATBSWP 123-144

Week 7: Silly strings (text variables)

2/17/16 – Text and string manipulation. (p.142 Practice Project “Table Printer” checked into Github, checked by group)

Reading: ATBSWP 145-172

Week 8: Is the thing like the other thing? (regex)

2/22/16 – Finding text with and without patterns (p. 171 #21 & Practice problem “Regex of Strip()” checked into Github, checked by group)
2/24/16 – Creating character classes.

Reading: ATBSWP 173-196

Week 9: Storing your work (files)

2/29/16 – Paths, (p. 194 1-9 & “Regex” practice problem on p. 194 checked into Github, checked by group)
3/2/16 – Contents of files.

Reading: ATBSWP 197-214

Week 10: Where does the stuff go? (moving/copying)

3/7/16 – Manipulating files. (p. 214 “Filling In The Gaps” practice problem checked into Github, checked by group)
3/9/16 – How computers are made, work, and break: theory and practice in hardware and physical security operations. Guest lecturer: Deviant Ollam.

Reading: ATBSWP 215-232

Week 11: Debugging

3/14/16 – Raising exceptions, tracebacks, stack reading (p. 232 “Debugging Coin Toss” practice problem checked into Github, checked by group)
3/16/16 – Logs and error management

Week 12: FINAL

3/21/16 – FINAL. Group project demonstrations.

Cell phones: turn off all noise and notifications including vibrate.

Assignments: turn them in as a group each Monday. There will be 10 total assignments, each worth 10% of your grade.

Attendance: You have 1 free day you can miss with no penalty. After that, you lose 5% off your final grade for each day you miss without a doctor’s note or clearance from BITCA administration. I will lock the door at exactly 5PM each day. If I have to come let you into class, you lose 1% off your final grade. 5 minutes early is the new 10 minutes late.

Academic honesty: there’s no such thing as cheating in open source, but there is such a thing as plagiarism. Give credit generously and be honest about your own contributions.

Disabilities: Students with documented disabilities requesting class accommodations, requiring special arrangements in case of building evacuation. or have emergency medical information the instructor should know bout are asked to contact the disability support services office (DSS) in Rm 1112. Once the disability is verified with DSS you will be given a letter of accommodation to be handed to your instructor.