**Aug 19th Wednesday at 3:30PM Pacific**

How To Write A Ticket + Live Q&A!–8/19/15
There are lots of articles on how to write a support or bug ticket out there. Oddly, I have not seen one single resource online on how to write a task ticket for software feature development. Ever seen a task with a title like “Make a front page for the site”? That’s a HORRIBLE ticket to give to an engineer. We’ll talk about the three things every task ticket needs to include!

Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack is author of the forthcoming “Women In Tech,” Fall 2015. She is CEO of Fizzmint, Seattle’s top employee administrative task and compliance management company, founder of Infosec Unlocked which promotes diverse speakers at infosec conferences, & co-founder of Hack The People, the world’s largest tech mentorship initiative. These 15-minute talks with 15-minutes of live Q&A are broadcast each Wednesday at 3:30PM Pacific via Google Hangouts On Air. Everyone is welcome!

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