Transitioning To Tech

I have taught this class several times, but have no immediate plans to do so since my travel schedule is full. If you want to see me teach this class, you have a location, you have more than 20 people who want to attend, and your group is primarily composed of adults who are underemployed or in problematic jobs, you can reach out via email at and let me know. We’ll see what we can work out.


Transitioning To Tech is a class I teach about 3 times a year for underemployed adults who are exploring career options. The next class is January 26-29, 2014 from 7-9PM at St James Community Outreach Center. Attendance is free, but you must register with Patty Bowman via email.

Learn with us and get a great job!

Are you stuck in a job that doesn’t fulfill you or looking for work?

I’m teaching a 4 night seminar on how to transition into technology as a career field. I know how to help you get jobs as web testers, quality assurance testers, and more.

If you’re inclined to donate, we’ll collect for the Solanus Casey Center, a homeless men’s shelter. We’re meeting at a church center, but we’re open to all faiths and persuasions. No one will be turned away (as long as you’re registered!)

I’ll help you:

  1. Believe that you belong in tech and show you that the skills you already have will transition well into a tech career
  2. Teach you how to teach yourself tech skills from information readily available on the internet, and how to turn those into a skilled and standout resume
  3. Explain why people skills matter more than anything and how to demonstrate that you’ll be a great teammate
  4. Get you started on your personal network of mentors and colleagues to help you grow, keep you learning, and give you motivation and support


Here’s the link to the curriculum page! It’s always being updated, and I’ll add guest speakers in as well!