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Link to the finished audiobook! It’s on Google Drive and should be accessible for download by anyone. Let me know if not.

Thank you for helping me #SaveFrankenstein!

Ever wondered how Frankenstein’s Creature learned to speak? In Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s Frankenstein, the Creature learned from a book called The Ruins, or Meditation on the Revolutions of Empires, by Constantin François de Chassebœuf, comte de Volney.

I love audiobooks, and I realized that no one has ever done an audiobook of The Ruins! This rich and magical book, a source for art we love and even our own political freedoms, is in danger of being forgotten.

I ran a Kickstarter in late Dec 2014/Jan 2015, which succeeded!


Count Volney, the hero of this tale!
My cat, Frankie, who entertained me while reading.
The people who are currently reading this Kickstarter and giving me feedback!
Jason DeLeo for teaching me to concisely tell great stories and who helped with my video script (though he didn’t know it at the time!)

Our killer audiobook editor and sound engineer Mike Council!

Wonderful and awesome backers!
[If you’d like your link changed, I’ll happily do so]

Evan Pipho
Ryan Bader
Jim Burrows, aka Brons
Dan Shapiro
Hakon Verespej
Thomas M. Schmitz
Hakon Verespej
Joni Barrott
Jon Callas
David Finkelstein
Mike Blaylock
Jason Carl
Jason DeLeo
Cindi Varela
Giorgio Occhioni
Ricky Curioso
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Katie Cunningham
Michael Skora
Jim Naeger c/o Aussie Adventurer Pty Ltd
Andrew Steven
Christina Dickson
Malcolm Marcy
Michael Buhrley
David Benedict
Krista Hoxie
Kaity Houk
Lyle Rich
N.E. Johnson
Ken Carlson
Michelle Rascati
Jane Avriette
Mark Smith
Fairy Princess Lolly
Brett Greene
Sarah Robicheau
Pamela Benning
Ronald Carroll “Too Old To Die Young”
Jim Ryan
Abel G. Peña
Amy D
Rita Somerton
Jonathan Bergeron
Simon Magid
Logan Kennelly
Adam Wallace
Janice Paulson
Trey Blalock
Jennifer Flora Black
Arne Radtke
Brian Dirk
Paul Watts
Wally Manikow
Daniel Victor Hill
Andy Dirnberger
Mark Cockerham
Joseph Tracy
protected static
Sean Jensen-Grey
Erwin Park
Nathalie Steinmetz
Noah Kantrowitz
Tom Tamada
Pablo Tisker
Stephanie Fairclough
Vicky Harinski
Jeff Reifman
Michael Sharps
Chris McLaren
Ariëlla F. Reinders
Adam Philipp
Isaac “Will It Work” Dansicker

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