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Lenovo Z570 phy0 hard blocked solution

If you’ve had issues with wireless being grayed out and you’re unable to enable it on your Lenovo Z570 or any other box, there is a simple solution. You must reset your bios.

There’s an oddity in the bios for Lenovo Z570 machines; even after unblocking all interfaces, you can still see that phy0 is hard blocked, like below:

0: ideapad_wlan: Wireless LAN
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: no
1: ideapad_bluetooth: Bluetooth
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: no
2: phy0: Wireless LAN
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: yes
3: hci0: Bluetooth
Soft blocked: no
Hard blocked: no

You may be seeing errors such as:

sudo ifconfig wlan0 up
SIOCSIFFLAGS: Operation not possible due to RF-kill

The solution is a reboot. Hit F2 to enter bios, then F9 to reset, then F10 to save and exit. Your wireless
should be working at that point.

This is a workaround for the bug located here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/782137

24 thoughts on “Lenovo Z570 phy0 hard blocked solution

  1. Hi thanks for the tip of resetting the bios, worked well
    on lenovo U350 laptop running under linux with the same bug
    Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Solo CPU U3500 @ 1.40GHz

    description: BIOS
    vendor: LENOVO
    version: 1CCN16WW
    date: 06/06/2009
    description: Wireless interface
    product: PRO/Wireless 5100 AGN [Shiloh] Network Connection [8086:4237]
    vendor: Intel Corporation
    Vendor ID: ‎0x8086
    Device ID: ‎0x4237
    Sub vendor ID: ‎0x8086
    Sub device ID: ‎0x1311
    Linux wifi module
    Module: ‎iwlwifi

  2. Tarah, everybody Hi:

    I'm trying to install Linux Mint on this computer, Lenovo Z570, but I messed up with the partitions, and I can not boot from CD, or USB, I can not even enter to Setup… I'm terrified. I don't want to go to the store and ask for warranty, I would love to solve this , any advice is welcome…

    Could you please tell me if you installed also Windows 7 , post or send me a picture of how your hard drive looks in GParted? Did you set up a partition for Home or Personal Data?
    Best regards.

    1. Hi, NSM. (1) Take a deep breath. It's ok. Here's the first thing to try. When you boot the machine, hit all these buttons: F2, F8, F10, F12. Just hit all of them. You should be able to get into the bios or at least the boot order. You can get into the boot order from bios. In the boot order, you can change the order in which you boot from drives. Change the order to (1) USB (2) CD (3) Hard Drive. Then, come back and tell me what's happening.

      1. Hi @tarah, thanks for your words.

        I tried to keep calm, but anything worked, no F button was doing anytthing. This what I did: I had another laptop around and I tought 'well if there is no OS maybe if I install Windows on my hard drive while it is inside another computer… ' I installed the Lenovo Hard Drive inside the other laptop, oh! the same Screen, ' There is no OS ' and neither could enter the BIOS … in the other laptop ?!…. now I was really scared.

        Just like you said, deep breath, I took the hard drive back to de Lenovo Laptop, and … God Thank you, ( life came back to me ๐Ÿ˜› ) the Setup was accesible, I changed boot order, I installed Windows and Linux and I'm pretty happy with both.

        Somehow tooking out the hard drive unlocked the no Setup Issue.

        I partitioned the hard drive this way: 120 GB for Windows, a huge partition for Data, almost 500 GB, 80 GB for Linux, and 6 GB for Swap. It's a 750 GB Hard Drive.

        I haven't tried the rescue button, I hope there is no reason to use it. I
        Lucky me there is no trouble with the Wireless card inside Linux, I haven't used it but I think the Bluetooth is also activated. I'm going to take note of the Setup Version.

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  4. Thanks tarah for providing this solution about Lenovo Z570 phy0 hard blocked which i was looking for because now a day i am facing this sort of problem and awfully your solution will be effective as well to reduce my problem. Thanks

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  6. Fabulous solution you have provided baby and that is why i just want to give thanks for this sort of solution as well. So i hope that i will get many more solution like this from you and hopefully you will keep continue by providing your solution in near future as well. Thanks

  7. Awesome. S205 in Sabayon, this worked perfectly (the usual "rfkill… " commands HAD worked for me under Fedora on this machine, but rfkill isn't installed by default in Sabayon and, w/o network connectivity, I couldn't install it. God loves Kafka. This solution did work, however, so my many thanks!

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